Two Island Tribute exhibition was staged at the Frank Moran Gallery July 17-22, 2017. An event celebration was held Friday July 21, 6pm.

Visiting exhibition participants/collaborators/patrons were welcomed, watered and fed. They conversed, listened, were entertained, educated, enthralled and activated. Women, children, elders, young people and men were present. All basic criteria of a micro utopia present and accounted for.

A story was beget with an invitation from Elisabeth Gondwe musarian of the North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum to host the exhibition on island. So to for the Mudlines Artists’ Residency, September 25 to October 1 on Canaipa (Russell Island).

There are ancient geologies and futures at stake with this development. The exhibition moves from the micro to aerial perspectives, with spoken, visual and written language communicating many voices and testament to the many values associated with the Bay. Vested interest should not take precedence over any or all of these.