Major aspects  of the “Goddess can be symbolised upon the glyph of a nine-pointed star…each of the numbered points corresponds to the following aspects, which are given non specific titles which can be applied to any mythology or tradition … Examples of goddesses who manifest under these aspects are drawn from world mythology”.

1. The Energiser i.e. Hathor, Shakti, Guinevere

2. The Measurer i.e. Mnemosyne, Maat, Kundry

3. The Protector i.e. Durga, Sekhmet, Argante

4. The Initiator i.e. White Buffalo Woman, Cardea, Ceridwen, Nimue

5.  The Challenger i.e. Ereshkigal, Kali, Morgan

6. The Deliverer i.e. Rhiannon, Sophia, Persephone, Enid

7. The Weaver i.e Circe, Neith, Ragnell

8. The Preserver i.e. Brighid, Mary, Igraine

9. The Empowerer i.e. Isis, Mary Magdalene, Dindraine.

Matthews, C and J. Ladies of the Lake