Meet Jo Fay

Of Celtic and Norse origins, my ancestors were seafarers who traversed the North Atlantic Ocean, eventually finding their way to Australia in search of gold. A life long meditator, ‘shamanic’ training, initiation and many blessings have been my own right of passage.

A lifetime of making art that sees deeply into the soul of another brings me to this. I am a visionary artist in residence on a tiny island off the east coast of Australia living and working as a ShaWoman, supporting others on their spiritual journey to a new world; all genders, cultures and generations.

I mediate between the ethereal realms across time and space to an intuitive healing practice that bridges the old and the new world that is upon us.

Are you on a spiritual journey? Join with me.

Yours sincerely,

Jo Fay Duncan (meaning God’s / Spring Fairy / Brown Warrior)

Harijot Kaur Khalsa (meaning Gods Light)

Jundoor (Quandamooka skin name meaning Iron Bark Tree)

Nangalla (Walpiri skin name of Emu Dreaming)