Meet Jo Fay

I am an artist born with second site. Over many years I have come to realise that my art making is a conduit to the spirit world; spirit guides, spirit of the land and the ancestors.

My healing skills have been honed with study, initiation and many blessings as a traditional healer.

Shamanic healing techniques combined with art making and my ability as a seer make for a powerful and unique healing modality. 

My training includes:

  • Three years training and initiation in advanced ‘shamanic’ healing 
  • I have two degrees in visual arts BVA and MFA
  • Additional studies in psychology, anthropology and environmental advocacy
  • Cross cultural training in indigenous protocols and awareness
  • I am signatory to the Cultural Heritage Education and Training (CHEPS)
  • Kundalini training included; kriya, meditation, chakra balancing, numerology and panic healing, nutrition and physiology
  • Most recent body work training is in Five Element Acupressure 
  • 30 years professional experience in arts & health/culture & wellbeing.

I have the ability to see your spirit guides who speak through me about the healing you need. This I offer for people of all genders, generations and cultures who are on the journey to a better world.  

Yours sincerely,

Jo Fay Duncan (meaning Gift of God / Spring Fairy / Brown Warrior)

Harijot Kaur Khalsa (meaning Gods Light)

Jundoor (Quandamooka skin name meaning Iron Bark Tree)

Nangalla (Walpiri skin name of Emu Dreaming)