Book online to connect with your Spirit Guide AU$70 + Original and unique hand painted channelled artwork A4 size $140 + postage

This is a time and place where magic happens through the ether; ceremony, journeying and distance healing. Jo Fay’s bag of magic tricks is deep, so let’s connect.

This healing session promises guidance, inspiration and magic and answers questions like:

“Who is my spirit guide?”

“How do I connect with my spirit guides?”

“What are my spirit guides trying to tell me?”

Jo Fay Duncan is a seer of souls and their stories. Let’s connect. ‘Shamanic Art’ of spirit guides promises deep healing and an artwork that will inspire you and provide infinite guidance. 

Drawing of a hawk with fine lines

SOUL STORY Divination Art

Book online to connect with your Spirit Guide AU$70. Original and unique hand painted channelled artwork A4 size $140 + postage

Do you have a question that keeps going around in your mind? Divination Is an ancient practiveakin to fortune telling. The answer for you comes to me in the way of a unique hand drawn artwork and direct spirit guide communication.

What to expect for your $210:

  • Meet the artist and talk about your question valued at AU$70.

  • A hand drawn A4 size artwork on paper and an email with the digital drawing as jpeg valued at AU$140.

  • Add a time-lapse of the drawing taking place for AU$70.

Portrait drawing of a transgender woman

SOUL SONG Portrait Art

Hand painted original artwork prices and sizing starts at A3 size AU$440 + postage. Commission portraits also available.

SOUL SONG portraits make real the beautiful soul song of a loved one or a moment in time.

Let’s meet online and get to know each other. We can then discuss size and how much you want to spend. Prices start at AU$440 for an original hand drawn artwork on paper and an option for a time lapse video.

I especially love to work with people who are walking their path and living their truth.