Canaipa Mudlines Residency 2019

Artists’ have worked in residence this past week at Turtle Swamp Wetlands, on Canaipa Island part of the 2019 Mudlines Residency. Studio gallery exhibition and poetry performance show-cased artworks and other musings generated through-out the year during onsite visits across the island to include locations at Rocky Point, Melomy’s wetland and littoral Shore south-east.

Singing Up Spirit of the Land + Healing Country

Singing Up Spirit of the Land and Healing Country on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) is a 2019-21 initiative inspired by 24 months of audio recordings with Uncle Bob Anderson. Mining is set to end on Minjerribah, traditional home lands of the Quandamooka peoples in 2019 – a result of Native Title granted to the Quandamooka […]

Arts + Marine Sciences

  The 2009 Moreton Bay Research Station artists residency with Jo Fay Duncan resulted in projection of environmental issues, concerns expressed to her by island residents and resident staff and researchers at the Station. It informed the Moreton Bay Research Station Public Art Project. The Moreton Bay Research Station, University of Queensland Public Art Project […]

All About Adder Rock; Notes Compiled by Elisabeth Gondwe April 2017

All About Adder Notes Compiled by Elisabeth Gondwe April 2017 According to Aunty Margaret Iselin the, name of what we now call ‘Adder Rock’ is Mulmakul.  Mulmakul means place of the Death Adder. Adder Rock is a recent name.  It is thought to date from the 1930’s and refers to the abundance of death adders.  […]

Bush Lines

Blackened trees at the southern end of Canaipa three months after the island fire.