Singing Up Spirit of the Land, March 28 – May 9 2021

Distinguished Ngugi elder and Quandamooka Traditional Owner Uncle Bob Anderson (Dr. Robert Anderson OAM) is the focus of art exhibition Singing Up Spirit of the Land. Contemporary digital and painted portrait work capture not just likeness of the elder, but spiritual meaning behind sand minings end on Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island in 2019, a result […]

Spirit Man Walking Country Once More 2019 is the year mining is set to end on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island), thanks to Native Title determinations of 2011. This portrait came about after two years of audio recording with Uncle Bob Anderson. The swirling spirit of the land is seen here behind and below Spirit Man as he replaces the footprints […]

Singing Up Spirit of the Land + Healing Country

Singing Up Spirit of the Land and Healing Country on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) is a 2019-21 initiative inspired by 24 months of audio recordings with Uncle Bob Anderson. Mining is set to end on Minjerribah, traditional home lands of the Quandamooka peoples in 2019 – a result of Native Title granted to the Quandamooka […]

Gheebulum, Uncle Bob Anderson

  Dr Robert V Anderson OAM, Uncle Bob is a Nughi (Moreton Island) elder and patriarch of Quandamooka. This 2010 portrait image of Uncle Bob – Gheebulum (traditional name for the Moreton Island sandhill dune) connected Uncle Bob and Jo Fay Duncan intimately. Pre-dating the native title determinations on Minjerriba, it speaks something of the 17- year […]

Arts + Health/Culture + Wellbeing

Residencies were a cornerstone for my creative practice in the 90s, involving mostly figurative works, both two-dimensional and sculptural. Arts residencies with health services in Toowoomba, Cairns and Brisbane, Queensland, were concerned with taking art outside of traditional gallery context and embracing a new kind of audience and engagement. In collaboration with Sally Clifford in […]

Islands of Innocence

Islands of Innocence was a media installation encompassing projection and audio in the old asylum ward replica at the North Stradbroke Island Museum on Minjerribah August 12, 2018. The islands of Cassim, Lord Howe, Morovo Lagoon in the Solomons and Minjerribah were land and sea scapes chartered over a period of three months in late 2018 […]

Innocence and Elements

Low resolution files and high winds are crucial ingredients of images below which explore the exquisite pleasures of youth, the senses and nature elements.