As a child in the early 70s, I found poetry anthology My People by Kath Walker in my school library. First publishing in 1964 she was Australia’s first published Aboriginal poet.

Little did I know, 30 years later I would find myself living on the island many know as North Stradbroke Island and the homelands of the Walker family.

I have had the great privilege of working with members of the Walker family by way of Lines in the Sand environmental arts festivals 2009-2014 and since living on the island.  

Oodgeroo Noonuccal poem Time is Running Out included in My People,  is part of the installation work and projections in exhibitions Islands of Innocence, Rejuvenating Spirit of the Land and Singing Up Spirit of the Land. Permission to reproduce this poem in the context of this projection is provided by Raymond Walker eldest grandson of Oodgeroo of the Tribe Noonuccal and audio recording of Oodgeroo’s friend Uncle Bob Anderson reciting the poem;

“Come gentle black man

Show your strength;Time to make a stand.

Make the violent miner feel

Your violent 

Love of Land”.

Following are some images from my image archive.