Landscape Art

There is much trauma held in the land.

These artworks are an expression of my healing intention for earth. Portals of healing are placed over land and waters.

Ancient spirit beings are summoned and made visible as light codes and seen walking the landscape. Light codes hold energy patterns and vibrational frequencies, encoded with information from other dimensions. It is often said that spirit beings are much larger in form than mortals. In these artworks the enormous spirit beings are discernible walking through disused mine sight, rejuvenating the land.

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Arts Residency

I have undertaken arts residencies and retreats in extraordinary locations from Australia’s vast coastline and islands, to the red centre and Great Sandy desert, from farm lands, vineyards, mountains to rainforest plateaus. My art making extends from sketch book to larger works on paper, canvas, digital print, canvas and print press.

If you would like your home lands captured and immortalised through the eyes of an artist, let’s talk. Residency options range from three nights and up to one month, Australia wide.

Book me in for an arts residency on your property.