“When I was a kid we collected shells on the beach, now it is rubbish!” 

Quandamooka Festival 2016 will take place across the Redlands, Moreton Bay and Brisbane area, July to September and aims to deepen people’s understanding of the Quandamooka, Moreton Bay.

Lines in the Sand North Stradbroke Island is a community based not for profit organisation, experienced in managing running environmental education projects by way of the arts. As such we have brought together an alliance of entities passionate about the health of Moreton Bay water ways, and for the festival will mobilise a task force to undertake a beach clean up project with enduring impact.

Over 12 weeks, 60 beach and foreshore cleanups took place. The resulting film documentary we aim to have screened on water taxi and vehicle ferries which transit across the Bay,

We hope an environmental project and film will become a part of the annual festival. The strategic mobilisation of volunteers through this project will be a template we aim to build on in the years ahead.


– Conduct 12 beach clean ups across the Bay as part of the 2016 Quandamooka Festival, with a view to making this an annual event

– Mobilise volunteers through strategic partnerships with Straddie Camping and Moreton Bay Research Station, University of Queensland, Quandamooka Festival and Reef Check, Lines in the Sand volunteer database

– Encourage understanding of the Bay’s environmental significance by way of access to isolated locations

– Enhance the beauty of the Bay by undertaking a Bay wide clean up removing rubbish from our fore shores and beaches

– Educate participants about the prevalence of human waste that finds its way into the Bay, where it comes from and what individuals can do about it

– Tally rubbish picked up over the three month period across the Bay, in partnership with Reef Check Australia and Tangaroa Blue making these statistics publicly available

– Share a film documentary about this project and outcomes with those transiting across the Bay to and from the islands

– Increase appreciations of Quandamooka culture and Country amongst the broader community.

Our community partners include #ReefCheckAustralia, #QuandamookaFestival, #CleanOceansAustralia, #WalkOnByNomore, #TangoroaBlue

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