Dave Hannan writes “Vanishing World. All dead – from bleaching event earlier this year ….coral structure in place to remind us for a little while of what once was. No-one had ever dived this place before I filmed this. Its beautiful though – death in nature”.

The NOAA colour coded charts indicate alert levels on Coral Bleaching 2017.

Dave Hannan from the Tara Expedition says “The entire area I’ve been documenting and Pete West looks likely to be hit again this …. 3rd year in a row. Much of it was already dead. That’s Papeete to Guam and further. Including Australia again. Pretty much the whole of Pacific and Indian Oceans It’s looking like the most massive die off imaginable for corals will be the result of last 3 years climate change impacts on ocean temperature. This is an example of a global subject /ocean issue we should look at for one of my Cicada award categories and prizes”.