Tangalooma was originally a whaling station. Later on, the Tangalooma Island Resort was built on the site of the old whaling station. The relics of the original whaling station are a feature of the resort. The wrecks—now also a popular dive spot—were placed there to create an anchorage for vessels so boaties can drop anchor right beside the wrecks. These anchoring sites are in high demand, so it is best to arrive midweek to secure your spot.

The wrecks at Tangalooma on Moreton Island lie halfway between Cowan Cowan Point and Tangalooma Point. Unfortunately, there is not much protection against the predominant summer north-easterlies or predominant winter south-easterlies. Westerlies during winter can also cause a very uncomfortable night if sleeping on board your vessel. Having said that, if you are visiting the wrecks for diving, then winter offers the best water clarity.

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