“Lorikeet Island is an art project that grew from kayaking with friends on moonlit nights. It is now an installation involving 9 data projectors and 2 sound tracks inviting the viewer to wade a little with us and share the dark flooded forests and the gold lit underworld. It was first installed at the Gold Coast Art Gallery, March 2012″.

Artists and collaborators Alana Hampton and Marian Drew

The project catalogue explores the science of the island with

Sally Kirkpatrick

Operations Manager, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, Griffith University.

She states

“The economic value of mangroves was acknowledged in a global study in 2005, in which Australia’s wetlands (saltmarshes and mangroves) were valued at $1.7 million per square kilometre(ii). A study in 1990 placed a value of $8,380 per hectare on the mangroves of Moreton Bay based on the market value of the commercial fish species caught during the study(iii).

(iii) Morton, R. M. (1990) Community structure, density and standing crop of fishes in a subtropical Australian mangrove area. Marine Biology, 105, 385-294.

Retrieved from http://lorikeetisland.hamptondrew.com/writing/sally-kirkpatrick April 20, 2017