Tangalooma is the resort on Mulgumpin (Moreton Island).

“Moorgumpin meaning ‘place of sandhills’ is the Aboriginal name for Moreton Island and Tangalooma means ‘where fishes meet’

In 1950 the Australian Company Whale Products Pty Ltd was formed. Tangalooma was chosen as the site for the largest land-based whaling station in the southern hemisphere.

In June 1963 the Tangalooma Whaling Station was sold to a syndicate of Gold Coast businessmen. In 1980 the resort was purchased by a local Brisbane family, the Osborne’s.

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In terms of tourism, the Asian market has well and truly been cracked by the Tangalooma undertaking. Pictured here is the remaining whale flensing deck. Also Uncle Bob Anderson Ngugi elder, talking on Country about cultural heritage.