Despite it’s water quality rating of D, Moorgurrapun Creek it’s mangroves and ca is home to a community ofturquoise winged Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) amidst the Casuarina equisetifolia (or Australian pine tree which is a she-oak species or Billa in local language). Uncle Bob Anderson reflects that this name in language means dugong delicacy.

Erosion, drain pipes, maps and pollution aside the playing with mobile phone photos and apps on site affords some raw black and white visual data of considerable contrast in light, line and reflection.

“Catchment description

Moogarrapum Creek catchment covers an area of 14km2 and is dominated by rural non-urban, commercial and a major landfill site west of the Cleveland Redland Bay Road.

East of the road, dominant land use is urban residential, bushland, waterway corridors and open space users. Rural non urban properties around Redland Bay are serviced by septic/on-site wastewater systems.

Natural features in the catchment on Council land are conservation areas, bushland refuges and Moorarrapum Creek corridors at Days Road, Giles Road, Emperor Drive wetland….

Health summary

Moogurrapum Creek declined to an overall water quality rating of D, indicating the creek is in poor condition with major modification to water quality. Very high levels of chlorophyll-a and high levels of nutrients and low dissolved oxygen influenced the rating this year.┬áThe in-stream habitat condition is moderate at sites Moo.02.L.S156 and Moo.01.M.S074 due to channel disturbance, low aquatic habitat diversity and a semi-continuous riparian zone”.

Retrieved from August 31, 2017