Quandamooka Language Map

Scientific evidence indicates that Quandamooka country has at least 20,000 years of Aboriginal history and less than 200 years of non-Aboriginal history. Yet, colonisation replaced most of the names that Aboriginal people used for places.

As a first step in reclaiming local place names, the Museum researched and produced a beautiful map showing the Jandai language words for various locations around the Island. The map is prominently displayed in the entrance of the Museum.

The map is the product of many months of research and consultation with Quandamooka families.  It is also due to staff and volunteers from the Island and Museum having the opportunity of attending the State Library of Queensland’s Indigenous Language Research Workshops and the access to resources provided by Desmond Crump, the SLQ’s Indigenous Languages Coordinator.  A bequest from the family of Aunty Colleen Costello has enabled the production of the map.

You can download a copy of the map here. Please feel free to print the map and share (for non-commercial purposes only.)

Retrieved from https://www.stradbrokemuseum.com.au/map August 26, 2018