The ABCs 612 Breakfast Show discussed the Toondah revelations about Josh Frydenberg’s decision to overrule his own Departmental advice.

On Thursday a compilation of recorded and live interviews was broadcast …the most interesting being the commitments made by Andrew Laming to the independence of the Departmental advice. Listen to those assurances about the independence of the scientific and expert advice of the Department of Environment!!! Then draw your own conclusions!!!

The story commences on the linked podcast at 2hr 50 with an introduction.
2:56:15 Extract of the interview between Frydenberg and Virginia Trioli
2:58 comments by Graig Addley of the Walker Corporation
2:59:45 commonest by Andrew Laming from the Outside broadcast conducted by Emma Griffith some weeks ago…listen to his commitments to due process “allow the department to make their decision which I will not interfere with”….It is “all done by the scientific experts in the Department of Environment” and finally “we won’t be changing the Departmental decision”…But the Minister DID>
3:01 Talkback listener about ministerial responsibility and finally
33:02:18 Judith Hoyle of Birdlife
3:05 the session ends

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