Direct Action of the 1800s

August 2018, Dr Ray Hovekirk presented his research into the Frontier Wars at the North Stradbroke Island on Minjerribah recounting conflict between soldiers and Aboriginal groups, roughly between 1832 and 1833.

A conflict seems to have erupted over killings and counter-killings involving the European staff of the Amity Point pilot station and a local headman, who was killed in a fishing trip. According to one account (of Thomas Welsby) the result was a day-long pitched battle against a group of soldiers at the flats of Cooroon Cooroonpah Creek (north of Myora)”.

Retrieved from  August 29, 2018.

Research, presented to the Australian Historical Association’s Conflict in History conference July 2015 at the University of Queensland, estimated that there were “66,680 Queensland deaths between 1788 and 1930. Of those deaths, 65,180 were indigenous…”

Retrieved from  August 29, 2018.

These direct actions of resistance set the stage for ensuing community actions seeking change be that sovereign recognition, environmental, social, economic or cultural on Minjerribah to the present day.