The new Moreton Bay Foundation is being launched today August 30, 2019 after long negotiation and lobbying for investment in the Foundation by founder John and Meta Goodman. Pictured here isĀ  John and Meta with Uncle Bob Anderson and Cathy Boyle June 2, 2017. Photo by Jo Fay Duncan.

“Focusing expertise, wisdom & enthusiasm for the benefit of Moreton Bay.
Our vision is for Moreton Bay to be an international treasure, known for its excellent environmental health, biological diversity, and ecological sustainability, its innovative robust and resilient economy, and its Indigenous culture and heritage.
Moreton Bay is a unique jewel of biodiversity, cultural heritage, and aesthetic beauty; not on a local scale but on a world scale. We should all be concerned about preserving it, and the work of The Moreton Bay Foundation will give the Bay the voice it needs!

We would welcome you joining our voice in protecting Moreton Bay for current and future generations”. Retrieved from