Megan Cope is a Quandamooka woman and artist. Her artwork explores the reclamation of Australia’s geographical place names.

An artists talk is scheduled for Saturday 2-3pm at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane.

Pictured here is an image of at 2014 exhibition YUNGGULBA (FLOODTIDE) at the Redland Art Gallery.

Yunggulba is an extension of the Megan Cope’s After the Flood series which explores geomorphology, raising questions about climate change and vulnerability of residents along the coastline of Australia. Cope combines military topographical maps (circa 1930-45) with basic cartographic symbology to reveal a multilayered landscape, dual histories, dual identities and the cultural legacy of colonialism. Aboriginal people at the time these maps were made were largely invisible in the social landscape and heavily affected by current government policies”.

Retrieved from June 19, 2017