Healing Earth Series #1 Vibrant by Jo Fay Duncan


Original paintings SOLD, acrylic paint on linen canvas, 4500 x 4500mm

“There is so much trauma held in the land. These artworks are an expression of my healing intention for earth ”

Fire, theft and violence left a small local township torn apart. These artworks place healing circles of light over the places where these events happened. I worked from aerial photos of the landscape, mapping the colours of land and sea in pencil and acrylic wash. Then I drew over the locations where the crimes took place with healing circles, correcting the fissures in the grid. Painting into them with pearl essence colours gives a sense of the higher vibrational light I sent to the landscape; healing earth.


These artworks come from the heart. They are imbued with love and intention for healing of not just the landscape but the community of creatures and humans at this site. I have done more mapping of my island home and placed geometrical shapes over places like mining and development sites. Intentionality is a quality of the heart centered consciousness.