Innocence Series #1 by Jo Fay Duncan


“These images depict etheric bodies; one with a childlike innocence, wonder and a sense of oneness with nature”.

An etheric body or etheric double is an invisible double of the human body. On a very personal level, when I started to see beyond the troubles of my daughter and started talking to her etheric self, her healing really started.

These artworks spawned a new direction for my art making, one which embodied an optimism and hope for a better world and better way of being. This was the beginning of my portraiture of the soul.



An island off the central east coast of Australia is where these artworks originated. It was, nesting season of the migrating sooty tern. There were thousands of these birds along the island shore line. The winds were high and it was impossible to not be mesmerised by them suspended in the skies kite like. Long tresses like feathers ride the on-shore wind, facing the turbulent seas of the horizon with a sense of hope and childlike innocence.