Nude 1 by JoFayDuncan


Black and white nude figure studies

I include these artworks in this collection because they are so visceral, and bespeak of my grounding in body consciousness and move from here into more spiritual pursuits.These are water based mixed media on paper. I drew them whilst living in an arts studio which was a repurposed butter factory. It was in a glorious wooded valley. Myself and our small arts collective shared art making, music and fabulous meals in our years together



First I mapped out the figure on my upright easel. The original drawing is just under life size. I layered; pencil, then gray graphite stick, ink wash, charcoal. I collaged tissue paper ont the drawing and then drew into that again with charcoal and wash. But this time I worked into the form with white acrylic paint and conte stick. The lighting was coming from above onto the model and all done in a day or so.