Soul Lodge Spiritual Healing Retreats

Day long retreats and workshops at North Stradbroke Island SOUL LODGE are scheduled year round during the holiday season. SOUL LODGE is an intimate venue. They share magic, inspiration and guidance for those traveling to a better world. Experience each sessions individually or collectively as an immersive experience of ShaWoman Deep Healing. Our sessions include; Spirit Guide Communication, Nature Spirits, Chakra Colours Cleansing and Balancing, Journey of the Soul, Empath Survival Guide.

Six Week Journey Of Deep Healing

Embody and Integrate deep healing body, mind and soul with this six week shamanic healing online course. Share an intimate journey drawing on ancient ‘shamanic’ and spiritual healing practices. During these sessions, we delve into deep ceremonial practices. Jo Fay shares her shamanic healing techniques, distance healing techniques and shaman tools. Offered seasonally this is an opportunity to join a community of like-minded people online, to connect, create and heal. PRICE: ShaWoman Deep Healing is AU$600.