90 Minutes Online Or In-Person

This session aims to clear that which does not belong in your field. It works cleansing chakras and restoring their smooth running. ‘Shamanic’ healing returns soul portions lost to you through trauma and I connect you with your spirit guide. Other in depth spiritual work may also take place.

ShaWoman Healing is AU$220

(Sponsorship options are also available).

Shaman Portrait Art

A Shaman Art Portrait is like no other artwork. It makes real the beautiful soul song of a loved one in the form of a life like portrait drawing of you or a loved one.

PRICE: Shaman Portrait Artis AU $800

Spirit Guide Art

Visionary art at its best, Original Shaman Art crafted uniquely for you is a direct spirit guide communication.

PRICE: Spirit Guide Art is AU$390.

These prices include our first conversation.