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SPIRITUAL HEALING face to face | Nth. Stradbroke Is. AU

SPIRITUAL HEALING one to one | Online

This is a time and place where magic happens through the ether; ceremony, journeying and distance healing. My bag of magic tricks is deep, so let’s connect.

I provide a unique healing experience ~ offering guidance, inspiration and magic ~ to those on the spiritual journey to a better world. Across genders, generations and cultures.  Spiritual healing with me is available, face to face and online.

Mine is an empathic approach, aiming to provide an affirming and non judgemental space and path to spiritual healing. 

Each session with me is unique offering practical strategies to achieving healing, letting go, moving on and lasting change.

I have worked in the arts and healing space since 1985, providing a wide range of individual & group interventions. In particular I have had extensive experience in mental and women’s heath working working within Government and non-government agencies across the state, using the arts as a healing modality since the 90s. I specialises in a collaborative approach to healing and wellbeing. 

I offer a proficient and comprehensive healing experience to bring about profound changes in health and wellbeing. 

Book now for a one to one session online 45 minutes, by clicking on this link…

SPIRITUAL online course | one to one

Book me in for six sessions with JO FAY Duncan at AU$490. 

This six week online course integrates . Embody and Integrate deep healing with this six-week ‘shamanic’ healing online course.

What you will experience;

  • Share an intimate journey drawing on ancient ‘shamanic’ healing techniques and spiritual healing practices of extraction, soul retrieval, psychopomp
  • Connect with spirit guides; be inspired and find guidance
  • Shamanic distance healing
  • The healing potential of art.

What you will learn;

  • Activate and ignite your creativity
  • How to hone your intuitive perception
  • How to keep your energy field clear
  • Understand the twelve laws of consciousness and creation
  • Integration of earth honouring practices.

What is a ShaWoman?

I identify as a ShaWoman. As with ‘shamanism’, being a ShaWoman involves working with spirits to find answers that heal us and earth physically, emotionally and spiritually. In Viking and Celtic culture, the ‘seer’ was typically a woman who was a healer and had powers of divination and fortune-telling. In these uncertain times, ‘shamanism’ offers spiritual healing and guidance in a way that is hard to find through media and biomedical model of medicine. This spiritual online course embodies a way of living in harmony with nature and each other into the future. It is intuitive, multi-layered and recognises that we live in a modern world that involves the internet and distance healing.

What people are saying:

Jo is an amazing healer. She is extremely intuitive, wise and generous in heart and spirit. I have received in person and distance healing from Jo. Both have been profound in supporting me through difficult times. Jo is kind, very knowledgeable in the healing arts and comes highly recommended. Not only is Jo a gifted healer, she’s an all round awesome human too! Kyla Levi mother of six, West End AU

“I sense that in the pantheon of great healers, ShaWoman Jo is among the most versatile and adept at connecting with and healing the mind, body, and soul. Jo has a depth and breadth of healing knowledge that is dazzling, uplifting, and awe inspiring. Her approach is fluid, yet precise at tending to areas needing the most healing, even those unbeknownst to me. She is super intuitive, playful, and genuine”. Nakàrori, Toscan Arizona USA 

“Jo is amazing at gifting so much knowledge and wisdom into the time available. A deeply immersive experience” Luke Salmon, Gold Coast AU


This six week course must be completed within an eight-week time line. 

Book me in for six sessions with JO FAY Duncan…