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Face to Face | Nth. Stradbroke Is. | AU$70 – $140

Looking for a personal and transformative healing experience?

Look no further than SOUL LODGE, North Stradbroke Island. My array of mystical tools and artful techniques offer clients an unparalleled journey to wellbeing.

Across all ages, ability, genders, and cultures, my empathetic approach creates a nurturing and non-judgmental environment for  healing. Whether using arts, acupressure or spiritual healing modalities each session is tailored to your individual needs and offers practical strategies for lasting change.

After a face to face session with me, you have the option of continuing your journey online with the Self Care Healing Package $490 or Spiritual Art Therapy.

Collaboration is key to my approach, and I provide a comprehensive healing experience that enables physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Join me on this magical journey towards a better world.


Transform your life in six weeks with my online Self Care Healing Package.

Experience profound healing and gain inspiration with my six-week package designed to help you release trauma and integrate deep healing. Embody your true self and discover your path to inner peace.

1. Activate and ignite your creative capacity to heal yourself

2. Understand how to clear, cleanse and protect yourself from physical and emotional disharmony

3. Learn your Elemental constitution and touch techniques uniquely for you to use for physical well being and psycho-emotional release

4. Medicinal asana and pranayama to enable your best health and wellbeing

5. Discover your divine blueprint: understand your Soul, Karma, Destiny, Gifts, and Path in this lifetime

6. Receive your personalised ShaWoman Healing Guide after completion.

In addition receive distance healing involving soul retrieval, psychopomp and other in-depth distance healing (valued at AU$1020).

FREE 15 minutes | Call to find out more

FREE Spiritual Art Therapy Online

Join our spiritual art therapy online community. Each session includes techniques to release your creative potential and is themed around seasonal approaches to wellbeing that will activate your creative capacity for emotional and spiritual expression, balancing and healing.

This seasonal workshop focuses on adaptability, will-power and an ability to draw on inner resources are embodied through guided visualisations and acupressure for the organs associated with this Element and of course art making.

It is one of an online series based on the Elements and seasons of late summer, autumn, winter, spring and summer. The physical, emotional and spiritual qualities of Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water are explored with nature the metaphor for telling the stories of our selves; past, present and future.

Arts & Healing for Communities 

You can ‘prepare, respond and recover from natural disaster through culture and the arts’ statement by Creative Recovery Network, Australia.

As an artist, curator and coastal island resident, I have extensive experience working in complex social, cultural and environmental contexts. Having  worked in a wide range of arts and cultural practices I offer effortless application of my trauma informed care and group facilitation processes in isolated and marginalised communities offering arts as a healing modality for individuals and entire communities.

I have worked as artist in residence in a wide range of community settings and wellbeing agendas. As curator I have enabled festivals, animated vital arts hubs, created and actioned public sculptures and gifted individuals and communities with tools that enable and sustain wellbeing.

You can download the Culture & Country, Art & Ecology Booklet by Jo Fay Duncan here to see more. Or get in touch now to find out more.