SPIRIT GUIDE online session

Book online to connect with your Spirit Guide AU$70

This is a time and place where magic happens through the ether; ceremony, journeying and distance healing. Jo Fay’s bag of magic tricks is deep, so let’s connect.

This healing session promises guidance, inspiration and magic and answers questions like:

“Who is my spirit guide?”

“How do I connect with my spirit guides?”

“What are my spirit guides trying to tell me?”

Jo Fay Duncan is a seer of souls and their stories. Let’s connect.

ShaWoman DEEP HEALING online course

6 x 60 minutes  AU$490

Embody and Integrate deep healing with this six-week ‘shamanic’ healing online course.

What you will experience;

  • Share an intimate journey drawing on ancient ‘shamanic’ healing techniques and spiritual healing practices of extraction, soul retrieval, psychopomp
  • Connect with spirit guides; be inspired and find guidance
  • Shamanic Reiki distance heaing.

What you will learn;

  • How to hone your intuitive perception
  • Understand the twelve laws of consciousness and creation
  • Integrate Earth honouring practices.
Wall mural painting of female angel and black angel by Jo Fay Duncan

SOUL RETRIEVAL face to face on the island @ SOUL LODGE

60 minutes face to face @ SOUL LODGE North Stradbroke Island  AU$140

When we meet, we will talk through your issues, concerns or intention for the session. Once clear, I will ask that you lie face up, fully clothed on my treatment table. I use my hands and healing touch to;

  • Understand what is going on in your body
  • Permission to cleanse and release that which does not belong.

Using sound and soul-song, I work in the energetic field around you. 

In this session you will receive;

  • Reiki
  • Chakra balancing
  • Soul retrieval

Soul retrieval results are unique for everyone. Most people experience a deep sense of inner peace and clarity. After a session, take some time out when you get home to integrate what has happened. Lie down, do some journaling or drawing. In any case the results for some are instantaneous, for others changes are more subtle and can be felt in the months ahead.

You can expect to feel more equipped to deal with the journey of life.

Thank-you for including me in your spiritual journey.

Drawing of a hawk with fine lines

SOUL STORY Divination Art

Original and unique hand drawn channelled artwork A4 size $140 + postage

Do you have a question that keeps going around in your mind? Divination Is an ancient practiveakin to fortune telling. The answer for you comes to me in the way of a unique hand drawn artwork and direct spirit guide communication.

What to expect for your $210:

  • Meet the artist and talk about your question valued at AU$70.

  • A hand drawn A4 size artwork on paper and an email with the digital drawing as jpeg valued at AU$140.

  • Add a time-lapse of the drawing taking place for AU$70.

Portrait drawing of a transgender woman

SOUL SONG Portrait Drawing

Hand drawn original artwork prices and sizing starts at A3 size AU$440 + postage

SOUL SONG portraits make real the beautiful soul song of a loved one or a moment in time.

Let’s meet online and get to know each other. We can then discuss size and how much you want to spend. Prices start at AU$440 for an original hand drawn artwork on paper and an option for a time lapse video.

I especially love to work with people who are walking their path and living their truth.