Urban Gallery Curating

My participation in the Flying Arts Alliance Curator Development Program resulted in the Shift exhibition at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art, Fortitude Valley December 8, 2016 – January 20, 2017.

Terry Smith (p.9) states there are many “challenges facing those for whom art remains the main avenue through which to understand our contemporaneity” and that at it’s best curating is grounded in processes of “conceptualisation, and is committed to the production of new knowledge”.

This exhibition was hosted within the infrastructure of Flying Arts Alliance, housed within Shopfront Gallery of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art – a facility of Arts Queensland.

If one is to be an arts infrastrusture advocate, as Prof Terry Smith states one must “change colour, shift shape, and start up again, differently, nearby, and across longer distances. These days, connectivity is a big part of making a place for art”.

Flying Arts Alliance is the new breed of arts organistion chaperoned by the hearts and minds of many through a decade of shrinking dollar for the arts and a disrespect afforded a vast ecology of arts across the nation.

Highlights of this exhibition for me were the hang of Jude Roberts work on paper, and Chris Bennie’s digital visuals.