How to do a Shamanic Journey

Woman reaching out her two open hands and flowers in her hair

Shamanic Journeying Techniques For Beginners Are Shared Here Along With Step By Step Instructions On ‘How To’

Finding your spirit guide

Drawing of an Osprey and a girl with wind blowing through her hair

Understanding what is a Spirit Guide and how to connect is discussed in this article Do I have a spirit guide? My sense is that we are all of spirit re-born into this physical form and this life time, and that we are at essence magical beings ourselves. We arrive with the bloodline of those […]

Blessings on Singing Up Spirit of the Land

Welcome to Country by Uncle Bob Anderson at the opening of Singing Up Spirit of the Land. Raymond Walker eldest grandson of Oodgeroo of the Tribe Noonuccal reads his grandmothers poem Glad Tomorrow, blessing song and Garinga da Gana. He shares the translation. Film and editing by Paul Bishop.

Singing Up Spirit of the Land, March 28 – May 9 2021

Distinguished Ngugi elder and Quandamooka Traditional Owner Uncle Bob Anderson (Dr. Robert Anderson OAM) is the focus of art exhibition Singing Up Spirit of the Land. Contemporary digital and painted portrait work capture not just likeness of the elder, but spiritual meaning behind sand minings end on Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island in 2019, a result […]

Fresh Water on Minjerribah

SIMO (Stradbroke Island Management Organisation) has compiled this resource concerning Minjerribah’s aquifer an ongoing issue, with over 60% of the mainland Redland city fresh water coming from the island. Aside from it’s cultural significance it is only refreshed by way of rain water which is of particular concern during extended periods of draught.

Arts + Marine Sciences

  The 2009 Moreton Bay Research Station artists residency with Jo Fay Duncan resulted in projection of environmental issues, concerns expressed to her by island residents and resident staff and researchers at the Station. It informed the Moreton Bay Research Station Public Art Project. The Moreton Bay Research Station, University of Queensland Public Art Project […]

Salt Water Country to Western Desert

Met Warlayirti artists of desert Country in Wirrimanu, south-east Kimberley in 2006. Then again 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017 travelling from the Tanami Desert to Cape Leveque – from salt-water country in the north-east, to desert country.;P5ik0vcx9fxMv7Uqjn3OO9D3efR5y~_Yr17Oz99tD~;Gj2zG65eP42f9LxLv~;p5z~_rv7Mnl0fuYbtd~;1Bxc9RKw~-.bps.a.855245751303648/855246084636948/?type=3&theater  

All About Adder Rock; Notes Compiled by Elisabeth Gondwe April 2017

All About Adder Notes Compiled by Elisabeth Gondwe April 2017 According to Aunty Margaret Iselin the, name of what we now call ‘Adder Rock’ is Mulmakul.  Mulmakul means place of the Death Adder. Adder Rock is a recent name.  It is thought to date from the 1930’s and refers to the abundance of death adders.  […]

Aspects of the Goddess

Major aspects  of the “Goddess can be symbolised upon the glyph of a nine-pointed star…each of the numbered points corresponds to the following aspects, which are given non specific titles which can be applied to any mythology or tradition … Examples of goddesses who manifest under these aspects are drawn from world mythology”. 1. The […]