What is a ShaWoman?

What is a ShaWoman? ‘Shamanic’ healing techniques take on new meaning when one draws on the divine feminine. It is what the world needs now. A ShaWoman is a gender-inclusive term, recognising the ancient healing practices of women and the modern world in which we live. It refers to a practice that embraces the feminine […]

Fresh Water on Minjerribah

SIMO (Stradbroke Island Management Organisation) has compiled this resource concerning Minjerribah’s aquifer an ongoing issue, with over 60% of the mainland Redland city fresh water coming from the island. Aside from it’s cultural significance it is only refreshed by way of rain water which is of particular concern during extended periods of draught.

Arts + Marine Sciences

  The 2009 Moreton Bay Research Station artists residency with Jo Fay Duncan resulted in projection of environmental issues, concerns expressed to her by island residents and resident staff and researchers at the Station. It informed the Moreton Bay Research Station Public Art Project. The Moreton Bay Research Station, University of Queensland Public Art Project […]

Salt Water Country to Western Desert

Met Warlayirti artists of desert Country in Wirrimanu, south-east Kimberley in 2006. Then again 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017 travelling from the Tanami Desert to Cape Leveque – from salt-water country in the north-east, to desert country. https://www.facebook.com/689189514575940/photos/ms.c.eJw9j1sOACEIA2~_0qTwq3P9iG0GMXxPaAcNdjAijMi2~_KBbbuSH0y~_cpc2FYmu2yauWdzZ4ozhxfM~;P5ik0vcx9fxMv7Uqjn3OO9D3efR5y~_Yr17Oz99tD~;Gj2zG65eP42f9LxLv~;p5z~_rv7Mnl0fuYbtd~;1Bxc9RKw~-.bps.a.855245751303648/855246084636948/?type=3&theater https://open.abc.net.au/explore/121099 https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/awaye/iwana-antjiakitja/5467718  

All About Adder Rock; Notes Compiled by Elisabeth Gondwe April 2017

All About Adder Notes Compiled by Elisabeth Gondwe April 2017 According to Aunty Margaret Iselin the, name of what we now call ‘Adder Rock’ is Mulmakul.  Mulmakul means place of the Death Adder. Adder Rock is a recent name.  It is thought to date from the 1930’s and refers to the abundance of death adders.  […]

Aspects of the Goddess

Major aspects  of the “Goddess can be symbolised upon the glyph of a nine-pointed star…each of the numbered points corresponds to the following aspects, which are given non specific titles which can be applied to any mythology or tradition … Examples of goddesses who manifest under these aspects are drawn from world mythology”. 1. The […]

JOURNEYING: Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (KALACC) 2018 Festival

Every two or three years Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (KALACC) hosts a major regional festival attracting up to 3000 people from across the Kimberely. 2017 Festival was at Lombadina September 18-21. Photos by Jo-Anne Fay Duncan in Facebook gallery documents “arguably these are the largest festivals in Australia dedicated to promoting traditional Aboriginal […]

Bush Lines

Blackened trees at the southern end of Canaipa three months after the island fire.