Welcome. We meet here on our collective path to deep healing and transcendence. This website shares magic, inspiration and guidance for your travels to a better world. As a visionary artist, I am a seer of not just souls but also their stories. I am a conduit to the spirit world and offer spiritual healing face to face and online and retreats that artfully connect you with your spirit guides and frequencies of light and love. There are many paths, and ours have now crossed.

Thank-you for including me in your spiritual journey.

Jo Fay Duncan

I am a visionary artist and seer of a better world. My hand drawn channeled art and spiritual retreats offer deep healing for those on a spiritual journey.

Spiritual Healing

I offer online and face to face spiritual healing from the island which includes  original, hand drawn and spiritual soul art. Visionary art at its best; original shaman art crafted uniquely for you and channeled spirit guide communication.

A lifetime of making art that sees deeply into the soul of another, allows me to clearly see what is needed for your healing and for this I use shamanic reiki techniques. 


Spiritual healing retreats in person and online are offered from SOUL LODGE on the island.  They artfully share magic, inspiration and guidance for those travelling to a better world. Experience these individually or collectively as an immersive experience of ShaWoman deep healing.

Shop Art

A curated collection of sustainable art prints that tell the story of my own spiritual journey to being ShaWoman. This collection of original and hand drawn artworks are drawn from canvas, paper, note books small and large. From my time living on Australia’s vast coastline and islands, travels to the red centre and sandy deserts; from the mountains to rainforest plateaus.

“These works depict a journey to the depths of my soul; its past lives and ancestral longing, an honouring of the spirits of the land and visioning ours and earth’s collective healing”.