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SPIRIT GUIDES art of the Seer

Connect with your spirit guide. ‘Shaman’ art; original and hand crafted artwork A5 size $140 + $70 for time lapse video + postage.

Do you have a question that keeps going around in your mind? Do you need other worldly guidance? Is there a loved one who you fear to have not made it to the other side?

The answer for you comes to me in the way of an artwork. Psychopomp and soul retrieval work may also happen during this process. I am a seer of souls and their stories. Let’s connect. Your artwork will provide lifetime inspiration and guidance and is imbued with magic. 

Spirit guide shaman art answers questions like:

“Who is my spirit guide?”

“How do I connect with my spirit guides?”

“What are my spirit guides trying to tell me?”

“My deceased loved one needs guidance to get to the other side. Please help.”

What to expect:

  • Book a healing session with me
  • During your session you will experience spiritual healing and we discuss your artwork size, style and postage
  • An invoice will be forwarded to you
  • A hand drawn A5 size artwork on archival quality A5 drawing (148.5 x 210 mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inches) on archival paper will be posted to you AU $140
  • Add a time-lapse video of the drawing taking place and digital image file AU$70.

Frame the artwork, place it on your alter or into your dream journal. Spirit art is an original drawing from the higher dimension; its imagery, symbolism and  metaphors contain potent healing energy that is destined exactly for you.

Connect with your spirit guide. ‘Shaman’ art; original and unique hand crafted colour artwork A3 size $210 + $70 for time lapse video + postage

You will come back to this artwork time and time again, as it resonates with higher dimensional frequencies.

Put simply it is a unique and personal commissioned drawing, whose metaphoric meaning will linger long for you, its wisdom will change your life.

SOUL SONG Art Portrait

Hand drawn multi media original portrait drawing. 

SOUL SONG portraits make real the beautiful soul song of a loved one or a moment in time. I especially love to work with people who are walking their path and living their truth.

Let’s meet online. We can then discuss size artwork you would like. Prices start at AU$440 for an A2 size original hand drawn artwork on paper with an option for a time lapse video.