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‘Why am I making my artworks so affordable and available for easy download?’ you may well ask. The answer is I want these higher vibrational artworks to travel widely and each are infused with frequencies intended to bring us closer to a New Earth.

These hand-crafted artworks are available to download. I will send your files to you once they are completed. You will receive an email with a link to download your digital file to print and frame at your own discretion either professionally or at home wherever you are in the world. I would recommend printing onto metallic paper. After printing your artwork you have a few mounting options available to you. One is to simply pin them to your wall. I like to use recycled picture frames. Framing mats can be cut to order and assembled by your framer. Be creative, you could also use magnets, pins or clips to suspend your unframed printed artworks.

‘Why do I recommend my artwork printed onto Metallic paper?’ Good question. The shimmering quality of these prints mixed with the earthy mark making and textures of the original paper and canvas makes for an artwork that zings and looks simply magical. Each image originates in the silver of Sahasrara, my crown chakra.