Ancestor Series #5 by Jo Fay Duncan


Original paintings SOLD, acrylic paint on linen canvas, 4500 x 4500mm
Original paintings SOLD, acrylic paint on linen canvas, 11 3/4 x 16 1/2 inches 297 x 420mm

“Inspired by my time in the Kimberley, these abstract spiritual paintings are of my own ancestral lineage ”

Spending time at the Warlayirti Aboriginal Art Centre as assistant to the artists was an extraordinary experience artistically and spiritually. The walls were alive with the colours of desert country and at times with the sound of the artists singing as they sat and painted together on the ground I am forever inspired by the paintings; like aerial maps of the landscape they tell of song lines and walking the Country of their ancestors. So with travel size canvases, gessoed black I used the colours I saw in the paintings and Country around me, to tell my own song lines; my kinship and my ancestral belonging. The circles represent family members passed and present and their relationship to me. The lines are divisions, directions and also of course the connections of love.