Spirit of the Land Series #1 Yellow


In these artworks ancient spirit beings are made visible as light codes and seen here walking the landscape. Light codes hold energy patterns and vibrational frequencies, encoded with information from other dimensions. It is often said that spirit beings are much larger in form than mortals. In these artworks the enormous spirit beings are discernible walking through disused mine sight, rejuvenating the land.



My sensing of the ancient spirits of the land on the island of Minjerribah in 2012 I is captured through these three digital artworks. They came about after talking with Aboriginal Elder Uncle Bob Anderson about healing the landscape after mining’s end. He said that with the mining company’s departure we will perform Wadama; we will dance and sing and replace the footsteps of the ancestors which mining companies have stolen.

‘Singing Up Spirits of the Land are large digital images that make visible ancestral spirits’