Psychic protection from dark-type forces

Find out how a psychic can hear your thoughts and what you can do about it…

Truth is such a subjective thing in our digital world. Fake news and innumerable individuals are claiming authority on all manner of things including psychics being able to hear your thoughts.

Faith in unseen forces such as the spirit world, and humans that act as medium are as viable an option as any for news and truths.  Testament to the growing relevance of spiritualism or spirituality in our modern world is the sheer amount of psychics (those who have extra sensory perception) on social media platforms, most of whom are female. In other words this may-well be where the shift to a matriarchal society will find force.

We are increasingly looking to psychics and seers for inspiration, guidance and protection from dark-type forces.

Are Seers Real?

Terminologies such as psychic and seer have taking on a life of their own in the digital world. Of Celtic ancestry and an artist, I for one am drawn to the term ‘seer’. From the dictionary of Old Scottish Language up to the 1700s, the noun seer is also sear, sier and siar defined with delicious adjectives such as ‘witness’ and ‘devine revelations’. I identify with this 1691 Kirk Secr. Commonw. (1964) 448. “Seer, wizard, or a people of the second sight are they that telleth of things befor or to come after”. Given my own Scottish heritage I definitely am happy to use #seer on my instagram bio. 

What is a Psychic

But there is no need for claiming a cultural lineage when using the noun psychic, as the nine million odd users of the hashtag ‘psychic’ will attest to. The noun psychic originates with the Greeks. More broadly the term psychic has been used in the English language as anyone whose gifts of perception are beyond ordinary reality. Some of the gifts of a psychic includes clairvoyance which  is the ability to discern information not known to the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smelling i.e. a psychic reading your thoughts without a word spoken. It is extrasensory perception. Clairaudience is hearing the messages from the spirit realms; clair-sentience feeling the healing of spirits and clair-cognisance is the knowing. I identify as having each of these.

I specifically use #psychic and #seer in my social media platforms.  These also furnish this website for search engine optimisation – which of course sounds very serious. But it is also cause for a bit of fun.

Psychic Princesses and Pokemon

For example one need simply ask Google to define a ‘psychic’ and you are directed to news and information about ‘psychic princesses’ and the video game Pokemon.  It is the age of appropriation. You can therefor call me a psychic princess any time, especially when I am wearing my crown made of feathers.

Scrolling down the Google search, I came to keywords ‘psychic-types’ and their weaknesses. These are listed as ‘Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon’. True enough. As a human and psychic myself I am consequently making a contribution to this knowledge pool.

What are psychic type weaknesses?

Being pre-disposed to psychic abilities doesn’t mean one is super human. We do actually have weaknesses. Although I have never played psychic Pokemon I do confirm that energetic ‘bugs / intrusions / possessions’ are indeed a reality of the trade. Those of us trained in the more altruistic of psychic practices use shamanic type healing techniques to deal with attachments and intrusions.  These are real time dark-type forces which are nevertheless cleared in a spiritual healing session with a psychic healer.

When working in the healing arts one must deliberately work to protect oneself against these ‘dark-type forces’ that can be transferred from client to healer. Burning sage is used in many cultures and is recognised as the cleansing smoke par-excellence. I intentionally fill my home with cleansing smells, sounds and music. I don’t use any type of drug for my journeying or healing practice as this unquestionably leaves my energy field wide open to psychic attack. 

Protection from bugs / intrusions / possessions

Following are some tips about how I keep my energetic field protected, vibing high and clean:

  1. Before getting out of bed in the morning, with hands on belly I do at least three minutes of breathe of fire  (no I am not talking about the role-playing video game of the same name).

  2. Secondly whilst breathing deeply I visualise a protective light field traveling up from the base of my spine, up my belly and down my back radiating out about one or two feet.

  3. I limit my time using wifi to an hour or two a day. Not surprisingly scrolling strains my ‘seeing’ in more ways than one.

  4. With my minds eye I draw a sacred geometry of white light around my self, my work place, home and loved ones.

  5. ‘Dark type forces’ I may have picked up in my day simply dissolve being outdoors, melding with mother nature, as I walk or garden.

  6. Water is so purifying. Swimming or the ritual of bathing in water and using the mantra ‘I am cleansed’ is a sure fire bet to radiating high vibes each day.

But onto the most important question of all in relation to psychics. 

Can a psychic hear my thoughts?

Yes, if indeed she be clair-cognisance. 

Telepathy (again a term from Ancient Greek language) concerns the transfer of information from one person’s mind to another without words. If you believe someone is reading your mind without your permission, you can say ‘no’. It might not be ‘dark-type forces’ infiltrating your thoughts, even so you might suspect that you are being read like an open book. Claim privacy. Your thoughts are your own after all. Same rules of protection apply; keep your energy field clean, your vibration high and whilst your at it you weave with an invisible fore field between you and the next psychic you meet.

As a seer and psychic, I find hearing peoples thoughts quite a handy skill. My spiritual online course  involves distance healing and helps accelerate the healing process if I can hear words unsaid. Book an Empath Survival Guide Session today.

© Article written by Jo Fay Duncanhear