Surrender Vibrant #1 by Jo Fay Duncan


This feature artwork extends the depiction of the etheric body in the Innocence series. But like the New Earth series this is a drawing. It fuses the optimism of the New Age with the shamanic practices of spirit animal guides and my own ability to see the subtle bodies and their vibrations.

The figure in this artwork is seen as an ethereal being. Her hair captured by the element of wind. A juvenile sea eagle flies with her as guide and chaperone.

In ‘shamanic’ healing birds as guides offer us a ‘birds eye view’, the eagle appears in so many cultures as a guide. On the island home, the Quandamooka people refer to the sea eagle as Mirigimpa, the bird that flies as high as the stars (gimpa). People sometimes say they won’t believe in something unless they see it. Air is not visible and yet we know it to be there, in fact our lives are dependent on it. Air is like spirit, and if we allow ourselves to merge with our winged spirit guides we too can be lifted by spirit and soar. Sea Eagle vision is extraordinary, it can see into our deepest of fears, vulnerabilities and it feeds on its prey via a gliding attack. I hope this work inspire you to vision the new earth.



I woke 11:11 in the middle of the night and drummed my way through an exquisite dismemberment where I was scalped and my long tresses were woven into ‘the grid’ by a woman weaver. My body was burnt on a pyre and my form turned to fire; to smoke; to space; then merged with stars, back down to the clouds I came and became rain that doused the fire of my own burning body. I found a song about flight, and these works came about the next day.