MEDITATION 5 by Jo Fay Duncan


Original watercolours SOLD, ink wash and watercolour on paper
5-7/8 x 8-1/4 in or 148 x 210 mm

“Kundalini Rising’ series are drawn from my sketchbooks in which vision of my minds eye came into being in retreat on the rainforest plateau of Numinbah, Springbrook Mountain, Australia”

When the kundalini is activated it feels like the chakras aligning with the spine are gates; they open and from the base energy surges up, the feeling is like a merging of the physical with the astral bodies. Kundalini yoga is a drug free practice that brought with it for me perception of optical forms and shapes and geometric forms that I now understand exist in the subconscious and collective unconscious. They are known as entopic images or phosphenes.
The practicing of kundalini yoga with its kriyas, mantra and meditations awaken the chakras, purify the nadis and awaken the kundalini. I attribute my intuition to Kundalini yoga and believe that once you have trained the meditative mind you have a means of communicating the higher and lower dimensions of consciousness or altered states of consciousness.


Since a young child I have always used breadth to still my mind. But my training in Kundalini yoga not only gifted me with innumerable breadth practices to achieve this, it was also transformative. In this time I had my first experience of re-birthing and a powerful tuning up of my intuitive center. Mantra and mudras have the potential to bring the mind into stillness. I came to understand the ‘ten bodies’ of our energy field and numerology. My 40 day sadanah saw me not only clear my field and mind but helped me find my voice and gifted me with the ability to see with my eyes closed. These artworks are the activities of my chakras which collectively caused a spontaneous kundalini rising, making my whole body lift from my yoga mat. The patterns in these artworks are subtle perceptions of the field.